Brian Fitzmaurice

Brian Fitzmaurice began his career in the industrial services industry in the early eighties as an equipment operator in Edmonton, Alberta. Brian was fortunate enough to be involved with a small group of entrepreneurs who believed that hard work, safe work practices, and hands-on leadership were the formula to success. Brian advocates the same formula today at Mattawa Industrial Services, developing a new catalyst group and supporting dredging and industrial services alongside fellow Envirosystems Incorporated companies. Brian is a team player whose experience will help Envirosytems continue to grow as one of North America’s premiere industrial services companies.

Bruce Stagge
Vice President, Mattawa Industrial Services (USA) Inc., Quadra Industrial Services (USA), Ltd.

Bruce has worked in the industrial services industry since 1982, specializing in industrial cleaning, pigging, asbestos abatement and catalyst handling services. Believing that the ability to build relationships is the key to success, Bruce has extensive experience developing business units that promote a client partnership style of business and where his employees are empowered at each phase of project development and execution. Mattawa Industrial Services is the third catalyst handling company that Bruce has brought to life in the United States.

Kevin McSwain
Manager of Eastern Canada

With over 30 years of experience in the industrial services industry, Kevin McSwain is an integral part of Mattawa Industrial Services catalyst handling team. A born innovator, Kevin has consistently moved up in the ranks and created very successful teams. His knowledge, creativity, and vision have led to the creation of some of the industry’s newest and most innovative technologies. Kevin’s successes in the industrial services market have made him a “must have” part of the Mattawa Industrial Services team.

Chris Stagge
Manager of Western United States

Chris began his career in catalyst handling in 2009. Starting as a shop hand responsible for building Life Support Trailers, Chris worked his way through the ranks to become Division Manager. Chris is an extremely motivated individual with strong leadership skills and a reputation for leading a motivated and dedicated crew, always finding ways to utilize and grow his co-workers’ potential. This, in turn, ensures that every Mattawa Industrial Services customer enjoys a knowledgeable, well trained, and safety conscious crew. In Chris’s five years in the industry, he has never had a recordable or lost-time injury occur under his supervision.