Our Equipment

The Moose Herd’ uses the most advanced equipment available to provide full-service solutions.

We have become industry leaders by investing in innovation and ensuring that ‘The Moose Herd’ has access to the latest technologies. This commitment means we are able to provide our customers with the routine daily maintenance and turnaround services they require. With ‘The Moose Herd’ on the job, your challenges will be managed safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Our equipment fleet includes but is not limited to:

  • Kenworth Vacuum Trucks with Knife Gate System
  • Edelhoff Vacuum Units
  • 6 Man Life Support Trailers
  • 4 Man Life Support Trailers
  • 6 Man Life Support Modules
  • 4 Man Life Support Modules
  • 5 Man Scott Air Rescue Unit
  • Decon Trailers
  • Rotex-Apex Self Contained Screening Systems
  • Video Systems
  • Matta-Lift™ Craneless Loading Systems
  • Stand Alone Knife Gate System
  • Rescue Service Systems

All of our equipment meets or exceeds industry standards, is maintained by professionals, and is always utilized as designed. Learn more about our equipment by clicking on one of the heading links below:

Matta-Lift Craneless Loading Systems

Mattawa’s Matta-Lift is the most innovative way to load catalyst. The Matta-Lift is an elevation conveyance system that allows material to be raised and loaded from grade to the receiving hopper at the top platform.

Catalyst Handling Equipment

Mattawa Industrial Services’ innovative catalyst changeout equipment maximizes safety, reliability and efficiency.

Vacuum Trucks

Mattawa Industrial Services’ fleet of vacuum trucks are used across a number of service areas and is able to handle a full range of dry, solid, and liquid materials.


Mattawa Industrial Services’ fleet of powerful Amphibex dredges specialize in slurry excavation and removal, debris and vegetation excavation and removal, and ice breaking for customers in the North American oil & gas industry.

High Pressure Water Units

Our fleet of high pressure water units can operate up to 10,000 PSI at 25 GPM. Should you have a specialized application requiring higher pressures for cutting purposes, we can accommodate your request.