The Brokk Robot

We are able to provide fast, high quality demolition services while maintaining stringent requirements for employee safety and environmental friendliness. The right equipment for this service – the Brokk Robot.

With Brokk, you can meet today’s strict requirements for profitability, efficiency and safety. The unique properties of the Brokk Robot provide an advantageous starting point for all types of demolition jobs. The features that most distinguish the Brokk from other types of contract machines and hand-held equipment are:

  • Brokk is always remote controlled. The operator can move freely and has a perfect view of his work, either right up to the tool or at a safe distance in the case of hazardous jobs.
  • Small dimensions and low weight give the Brokk tremendous power efficiency. The machine can get into small openings and confined spaces and can start work immediately. This, in combination with a power pack makes Brokk incomparably efficient.
  • The Brokk is powered by electricity. Thus, it can work indoors and in kilns without problems such as exhaust fumes or noise from combustion engines.
  • Many tools increase the ability to carry out tasks of a varying nature. This guarantees a consistently high utilization level for the machine.

The Brokk Demolition Breaker & Crusher provides the best capability for limited-access heavy demolition.This rugged unit can easily break apart structures containing up to 22” (56 cm) thick concrete walls or slabs. The machine’s 360º movement and 5 meter reach capability allows the operator to work on any surface, from wall and staircases to overhead structures. Attachments range from breakers and crushers to scabblers, making the Brokk Demolition Breaker & Crusher a very reliable solution for your most difficult removal jobs.

The Brokk Robot is an excellent choice for:

  • Debricking cement and lime kilns
  • Interior demolition
  • Stripping furnaces
  • Plaster, brick & tile demolition
  • Steel & metal works
  • Breaking foundations

Click here to download the Brokk Robot information sheets to learn more about its capabilities.