Catalyst Changeout Services

Mattawa Industrial Services is a leading provider of specialty catalyst changeout services in North America.

We are ‘The Moose Herd’, a relatively new catalyst changeout provider that is made up of many familiar faces. We’ve been in the catalyst business for more than 30 years and our experience, training, attitude, and commitment separate us from everyone else.

As a full-service catalyst changeout provider, we are able to remove and replace spent catalyst from process vessels in the refining, chemical and petrochemical industries anywhere in North America. We have full-time catalyst professionals that are expertly trained in:

• Catalyst Unloading & Loading
• Inert Entry
• Product Removal
• Vacuum Systems
• Gravity Dumping
• Auguring
• Spent Catalyst Storage
• Sock Loading
• Dense Loading
• Pneumatic Loading
• Rescue Services

Mattawa Catalyst Changeout
We specialize in combining inert catalyst handling, inspection and welding within one group, offering our clients a time-saving solution. Instead of passivating and turning a reactor over to an atmosphere that is safe for inspection or welding and then subsequently returning the reactor to an inert atmosphere for loading, our catalyst professionals can handle these services while maintaining an inert atmosphere. This equates to shorter catalyst changeout projects for our customers.

We are among the most respected organizations in North America for planning and executing catalyst work. We work hard to ensure success by eliminating incidents, maximizing quality, handling work properly, and meeting all budgets and timelines. We provide successful catalyst changeouts by taking a team approach to success on every project. Every member of ‘The Moose Herd’ is dedicated to safety and quality.

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